Personal Injury

Personal Injury Law is often viewed as the practice of determining liability and claiming damages from a catastrophic auto accident. In truth, personal injury covers a broad spectrum of situations where someone’s injury or death was the result of negligence, strict liability, or intentional wrong. This includes, but is not limited to:

What Is Negligence?

Negligence is the basis of liability for most personal injury lawsuits. It is a breach of duty, such as not exercising reasonable care in operating heavy machinery or not maintaining property. When that breach of duty, aka negligence, causes injury, law allows the injured to recoup their losses.

What is Strict Liability?

A growing area of Personal Injury Law, Strict Liability holds manufacturers liable for injuries or deaths caused by defective products. In these cases, it is argued that the product in question possessed a design that was unsafe when used as directed.

Does Hiring an Attorney Mean I Will Go to Court?

Not necessarily. Many cases are settled without filing a lawsuit. Settlement is often desired by both parties since litigation is often lengthy (1–3 years) and expensive. For average cases, the time for settlement is generally between 3–6 months.

I Have Hired Harrison Law Firm to Represent Me. What Now?

Clear, honest attorney-client communication is key. An attorney cannot make a solid case for compensation without all of the facts. Keeping your attorney updated with your current address, phone number, email, etc. is essential. When leaving messages, be detailed. This way your attorney can be prepared with essential information when they call you back.

Document everything. As the saying among attorneys goes, “If it ain’t in writing, it didn’t happen.” This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Photos/Videos: We are in an age where everyone has a personal surveillance device in their pocket or purse. Document your side of the story with photos or videos. This can be a great asset when making sense of an accident scene or documenting an unsafe condition.
  • Employment: Get written documentation from your employer detailing wages lost due to injury, including start and end dates.
  • Medical: Keep track of all doctor’s appointments and obtain records whenever possible. Remember to be completely honest with your doctor and give him or her details without exaggeration. Your attorney will need all itemized medical bills and records. This includes doctor’s notes, ER hospital bill, ER doctor bill, ambulance bill, radiologist bill, x-ray reports, MRI reports, etc. Co-pay bills are not sufficient. Full bills complete with codes are necessary for your attorney to build your case.
  • Additional Materials: Every case is different. Your attorney will guide you in the specific needs of your case. Be sure to CC your attorney on all email communications pertaining to your case.

At What Point Should I Get an Attorney?

If you find yourself asking this question, you may already need legal representation. We at the Harrison Law Firm are happy to discuss your circumstances and help you determine the best course of action. Call us at (281) 491-1300 or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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