Board Certified

Personal Injury Trial Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization

Not all attorneys are Board Certified, nor is board certification required to practice law. However, attorneys who have demonstrated special competence in an area of law can be certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in that area of practice. By seeking the counsel of a Board Certified attorney, clients may have added peace-of-mind knowing that their attorney is not only experienced, but up-to-date in their legal training.

What is the Texas Board of Legal Specialization?

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization was created by the Supreme Court of Texas, and the Board members are appointed by the President of the State Bar of Texas. The Board, in turn, administers the program through which an attorney may demonstrate special competence in a particular area of law practice.

General Requirements

All Board Certified Personal Trial Law attorneys must have, at minimum:

  • been licensed to practice law for at least five years
  • practiced personal injury trial law for at least three years
  • devoted a minimum of 25% of their law practice to personal injury trial law
  • handled a wide variety of personal injury trial law matters to demonstrate experience and involvement
  • attended personal injury trial law continuing education seminars to keep their legal training current
  • been evaluated by fellow lawyers and judges
  •  pass a day-long written examination

Special Requirements

An attorney who is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law must have handled jury trials in cases involving vehicle accidents, worker’s compensation, premises liability, products liability, statutory tort claims, maritime accidents, social security claims, or claims involving mental anguish damages not necessarily accompanied by a physical injury. The lawyer must also have extensive knowledge of the law of evidence, procedure, and other substantive law in the trial of civil cases.


Board Certified attorneys are not certified forever. They must continue their practice, education, and pass intense testing every five years to maintain their status. At the Harrison Law Firm, attorney Larry W. Harrison has dutifully maintained his board certification since 1988 (seven recertifications).